Saturday, 19 March 2011

Japan Nuclear Crisis-JAIF Data does not add up.

I have, so far been able to get the most data from the JAIF reports. They are available at:

In spite of media reports indicating that the temp of these tanks is now going down, the data says something a bit different, and is not adding up.

In regards to pool temperature at Units #5 and 6, the last five reports show this:

Mar 18

13:00 - Unit 5: 65.9C  Unit 6: 63C
16:00 - Unit 5: 62C     Unit 6: 62C
Mar 19
07:00 - Unit 5: 67.6C Unit 6: 65C
11:00 - Unit 5: 67.6C Unit 6: 65C
17:00 - Unit 5: 67.6C Unit 6: 65C

The same reports state in succession and in every report but the last that the temperature of both ponds is rising. In the last, it they report that pool temp in #5 is "high but decreasing". #6 is still reported as temperature rising. Where are these readings coming from? Why do different parts of each report contradict each other? Why is there a measurement for one pool at 5 and on at 6. Are there not two pools at each of these facilities as well?

JAIF reporting of reactor pressures, water levels, and core exposure in 1, 2, and 3 are similarly suspect.

Data has just been repeated for days, and/or different parts of the report are in disagreement. This is the best data that I have been able to locate, but with successive releases, it is becoming apparent that the data is not entirely accurate.

It appears to me that at best, they are using last known data which in some cases may be days old. In spite of claims of success, they have no idea, or are unwilling to release, the actual conditions - even inside 5 and 6, which according to their reports are largely undamaged except for the holes they have punched in the roof of each to try to vent hydrogen.

Drastic action is required immediately but under-reporting of events by the Japanese government, it's agencies, the media, and TEPCO continues to downplay the scale of this disaster and ignore and/or distort the facts. Immediate full disclosure is required so the world can make its best effort to mitigate this catastrophe.


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