Thursday, 17 March 2011

Japan Nuclear Crisis - Current useful links

Here are the some of the links that I have located that have allowed me to form an educated opinion about what is occurring at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. - Spent Fuel Cooling Ponds
IAEA Update page
NHK World
TEPCO News releases
NHK TV - English
Used Nuclear Fuel Storage at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Japan radiation maximum by prefecture
BBC analysis
CNN iReport - unconfirmed
JAIF - Best technical details available as to current status of Fukushima
Mar 17 video close-up of plant

My opinion based on study of the the above and many other sources is as follows:

TEPCO and the Japanese Government are grossly under reporting the seriousness of this situation. The multiple meltdowns and malfunctioning cooling ponds are already producing so much radiation that it is impossible to complete any corrective action. The MOX fuel in #3, the hot unloaded fuel in #4, 5, & 6 cooling ponds, in conjunction with the triple core breach at 1, 2, & 3 have created a situation absolutely undreamed of by the entire nuclear community. I fear we will see more explosions in coming days, and columns of black smoke indicating corium burning in cores and pools. Any one plant starting to belch more radioactivity will stop even the present ineffective effort ...
If water circulation is not restored and maintained to the cooling ponds at units 5 and 6 then the situation gets even worse. Units 5 and 6 are larger and their ponds are chock full of hot uranium removed from the cores for inspection.
All in all, I see this crisis escalating quickly and soon.
Unfortunately, the Japanese Government and TEPCO seem determined to endlessly announce trucks standing by, on the way, retreating, cables laid to broken facilities, largely useless helicopter bombings, and other failed or planned efforts while hiding or not having the essential information about radiation counts, pool temperatures, and physical plant condition.
In my opinion, after the quake and tsunami Japan is left unable to deal with current refugees. If it widens the evacuation area, there is nowhere for the evacuees to go, or any resources to help them if they get there. I have seen reports that say that the 20-30km exclusion zone is a wasteland with no help for the earthquake/tsunami wracked areas or for the people told to remain sealed in their homes there.
For whatever reasons, Japan and TEPCO are not telling the truth. This situation is very, very bad, and is almost certainly going to get a lot worse.


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