Thursday, 17 March 2011

The glint in the pool will not save Fukushima - Japan Nuclear Crisis

I just saw video on CNN that they said was the basis for TEPCO's belief there was water covering the cooling rods. I did not see the glint that was pointed out, but that is not the reason for my complete disbelief that all the rods are covered by water in Unit #4.

If you look at the Mark 1's design:
and read: Used Nuclear Fuel Storage at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant & - Spent Fuel Cooling Ponds you can see that at very least, the pond pictured top, right in the nuclear diagram is full of re-racked hot fuel. It is possible that the pond on the left is also a storage pond, but have not been able to confirm this. From the description of re-racking and also maximum usage I suspect that is is the case.
Regardless, there was an explosion that appeared to originate directly over this pool. Whichever pool the explosion originated from, it occurred due to hydrogen production from overheated, exposed rods. If any rods were this hot, then is it possible that days after the explosion (which in, and of itself, would have largely emptied any pools and probably cracked the walls causing drainage) there would still be water covering the fuel? Filling it near to the top of the pool where it caused a "glint" seen from a helicopter? I do not believe it is.
I believe the pool(s) at plant 4 are almost certainly dry or close to it.
I believe there is no hope to cool these ponds.
As I type, I hear on CNN that the rising radiation levels reported for today support this.

Reports of workers falling and rising radiation levels indicate that human effort at the plant is all but over. Three cracked reactor vessels and four ponds full of corium (pondium?) will continue to melt. Unit's #5 and 6 may also become totally unserviceable by humans. If so, they will melt their huge ponds as well. Unit #3 is belching a super version of radiation with it's MOX fuel.

In my opinion, the battle is over. We are in the the first days of an almost unimaginable event. Fukushima is about to become an multiple meltdown event that will dwarf every nuclear disaster in our history.

I believe that TEPCO and the Japanese government will go down in history as having covered up and downplayed this event for too long. When this plant really starts to belch out radiation any time now, and the wind blows south, west, or north, the impact on people and land will be more than profound. The fact that nobody was warned will be remembered forever.

I close with the sincere hope that I am wrong.


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