Monday, 21 March 2011

Japan Nuclear Crisis-Evidence Clear-Meltdowns Continue-Government Minimizes

It is no longer hard to find the evidence. The links that I found over the last few days and newer information such as the radioactive composition of releases from Fukushima, radiation maps of japan, food contamination, etc seem conclusive enough to me. The battle to stop the meltdowns was lost days ago. TEPCO and the Japanese Government continue to minimize and paint the most optimistic face on everything.

The situation at Fukushima is beyond critical. Firetrucks and water bombing have little chance of cooling shattered pools, and no chance of cooling melting cores. Radiation levels on-site are rising above lethal levels. Unit #3 will soon make the entire plant uninhabitable when its core starts spewing plutonium.

Japan must immediately get its head out of the sand. The sky IS falling. Everything up to and including the meltdown of #1 through #6 AND the massive exterior used fuel storage pool is possible, if not probable. Criticalities (small nuclear explosions) are a real possibility especially in unit #3.

Japan and the world is now faced with coming up with a way to cool an entire 6 reactor facility which will be too radioactive for humans to work on without massive protection.

The first part of this solution is to stop pretending the problem can be fixed at all, at least in the short term.

The evacuation area must be expanded immediately. Japan must enlist the help of the world to plan and execute the largest cooling and containment effort in our history.


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